Queen Gwenivere of  Cameliard


The name is (Welsh, Cornish) Also Gwenhwyfar, Gueneve, and Gwenivere. Her name means "white shadow". She was the sovereign power behind King Arthur's throne. While the Camelot stories surrounding her, King Arthur, and his rivals, are romantic in nature, these modern incarnations demean the status of the sovereign Goddess in their telling. She was the sovereign who gave Arthur his right to rule simply by being with him. When she left him he pursued her both for love, and because without her his kingdom would crumble for lack of continuity. The role of Goddess of sovereignty is more clearly seen in her legends than in many others. Her duty is to blend the king's energy with the energy of the land. It is in many myths that when the king forgets where his true power comes from, the queen will seek other champions and lovers to remind him as she once gladly did.


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