The History Behind Our Family Crest 

Since we choose the Renaissance theme for Our Wedding we needed a Family Crest to represent the unity of our two Families. Paul Came up with the concept for the Shield and Our Family Crest and created it in Corel Draw.

On our family crest you will see three equally merged circles. This is Our Family Unity Symbol. Two circles represent the marriage union while the third symbolizes the importance of our children within our newly created family.  As we celebrate our marriage we will also celebrate our new family!

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On the right of the crest, is the earth with a man and a woman connecting around the outside. This was designed for Cas, last year by her daughter in law Irene. It symbolizes the male and female energies within all of us. The colors of the earth represent balance of these energies within ourselves, and the universe.

The knights helmet on the top of the crest represents the era of the renaissance, as do the swords crossed through the shield. 

The white eagle is the symbol for Poland and it represents Paulís nationality. In Poland a decree was passed on December 7, 1955  that established Polandís emblem to be the image of the white eagle, itís head turned to the right with outspread wings, golden beak, and claws in a red field of the shield. In later years, the crown was once again restored to the head of the white eagle. During the Renaissance, when the circle was popular for an image or figure, the eagle adopted a shape that could be placed in a circle or on a coin.

The Scroll at the bottom contains the Date the union of Our two Families took place, April 6 2002.

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