Cas, You are the Love of My Life and Iím so Glad you found me. You are the Love of My Life, Baby put Your Arms Around Me. So this is how it Feels when you Find a Love thatís Real, My Lady of the Knight you are My Love, The Love of  My Life!


Lady Cas's Story

The First Chapter


Lord Paul's Story

The First Chapter

I was putting my skates on, getting ready to meet my skate group, when I happened to spot a tall, handsome man. He looked rather regal to me! And oh so handsome! (Yes, but could he joust?)

He gave a gentlemanly nod as he skated by. Later on we were skating and I turned to see the lord and his royal court skating away. He looked my way at the same time, ah I thought, until we meet again! And that we did! The following week, there he stood with his fellows, toasting her majestyís health. I did not have a timepiece and asked, how stands the hour my lord? Our eyes locked as we conversed. First impression? Very charming, tall, strong and handsome!

 Before bidding our fare thee wells, we agreed to meet at the castle pier and skate with the villagers on Monday night, and thatís how this love story came together. Somewhere else in time, we had been together. This was so familiar, so good.

Our First Skate

Once upon a time I was getting ready early for a Thursday night skate. When my eyes fell upon a beautiful site. It was a Lady with hair of red, and beautiful in stature. So beautiful was she that I had to find a way to speak with her. Well I finished suiting up and rolled up to her and said hello and continued on past. Well I now knew I had to meet her. Latter in the evening my eyes once again gazed upon her again, and we passed I turned and  Behold she was gazing upon me. What luck I thought she must be interested in me!

Now a week has passed and another Thursday is upon us, what luck I thought as I pulled into the parking lot where we meet for the skate. My eyes once again gazed upon the redheaded beauty. So could this be fate or was it destiny? The parking spot was open right next to her. As our eyes meet I new it had to be destiny. Her Ladyship introduced herself as Cas. Cas I thought, what a beautiful name for a beautiful Lady. We exchanged pleasantries and discussed our commonalties. We decided we would have to meet again this time skating together.

We choose the Monday night skate for when next we would meet. I couldnít wait for our skate-date the anticipation was too much to bare. So when the appointed night arrived I was filled with excitement and elation. We once again discussed commonalities, interviewing each other on our past and present. Elated was I to find that she was not betrothed to another.
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